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return on investment

How School Psychiatrists Saves Your School System Money

  • While sometimes a more restrictive learning environment is required, many times it is not. Preventing the unnecessary transfer of just one child to an outside placement can save thousands of dollars for several years.
  • Reintegrating into the public schools students in out-of-system placements can reduce the associated exorbitant expenditures.
  • In-house psychiatric assessments will often be less expensive than private, office-based consultations, and will always be more convenient.
  • A phone call from from one of our consultants to an outside physician can improve classroom behaviors and avoid costly delays in treatment and demands for increased services.
  • Our consultants can help parents feel listened to by a trained and respected professional, and stave off potentially unnecessary demands for increased services or expensive legal proceedings.

At the Andover Seaport Program, a consulting psychiatrist helped this alternative educational program to improve student grades, reduce absenteeism, tardiness and dismissals, and increase mainstreaming, saving the program $15,000 per student¹.


¹ Rappaport, Nancy. School Consultation/Intervention Emerging Models (2001), Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America 10(1);13-24.


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